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Wednesday, June 19, 2024


I have recently become more interested in Turkey because of the lifestyle of people and traditions, so the best way to know a country is to go directly to the source. Antalya is the bigest resort from the mediteranean litoral of Turkey. However, travelling in Turkey has both good and bad things.

For travelling in Turkey you need passport, any identity act is not taken because Turkey is not part of the European Union.

In Turkey the WIFI signal is very weak because of the security problems. Turkey is not a pretty good place for internet.

Besides the bad WIFI, I can say that resorts are arranged, beaches look great and water is clean. People really deal with cleanliness and maintenance of places, especially of tourist places.

In Turkey most of the beaches are covered with stones. There are not many sand beaches. It depends on what beach you’re going to, but me and my family liked changing the beach type.

A part of the Turkish people still has their old traditions, customs and beliefs, while the rest of the people have changed and improved. I met many Turkish people who were hospitable and sociable. However, for me it happened many times to go to beach or pool and people, especially women, would start looking very strange at me. Maybe it’s just because most of the musulman women are dressed even when they go into water.

One of the best things about Antalya was that many shopping centres are opened every day until late. This is a great thing because tourism stars growing pretty fast every year. I was in a lot of shops and the workers were really nice.

Now, what ca I say about restaurants? Well, in most of the restaurants the service is very good, the waiters are paying attention to every detail and even the managers are interested in client’s opinion.

And ‘cause we’re talking about food, I recommend Ayran. Ayran is a Turkish drink, is like a cold yogurt with water and salt, perfect for a hot day. Another traditional food is suberec with beef meat, very delicious. I even recommend you the Turkish halva, I’m not a big halva fan, but my parents said is the best halva they’ve ever had in their entire life.

In conclusion, Turkey has good and bad aspects, like any other country. I say you should go in Turkey for knowing new people and different traditions.





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