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Saturday, July 13, 2024


Traveling is incredible! And I discovered this very early. I feel very lucky because I have the opportunity to explore and visit the most beautiful places with my family.

During the summer I was with them on a trip to an island which belongs to Spain, Palma de Mallorca. However, there have been favorable and unfavorable happenings that came into our way.

Palma is a truly splendid island, with an impeccable variation of resorts and beaches specially designed for tourists. The places are very clean and quiet, while we were on our way to certain resorts, we saw the characteristic land of a desert. You just felt like you were in a desert place, covered only by stones, dust, cactus and some olive trees.

One of the places I liked the most was Cuevas del Drach. This visit ends with a classical music concert played by musicians while they are on some boats. After the show ended, they offered us a short ride in those canons. Unfortunately, I can’t show any photos, because most of them were made with my mother’s phone that had been stolen.

Me and my family went out every night to visit new restaurants and discuss what we would like to do for the next day, and because we were in a wonderful resort, Cala d’Or, we had the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of beaches the one we wanted. One of them being Cala Esmeralda, because our apartment was right next to it, we were able to go to any hour for some diving with those small fish.

Cala Romantica was also an attractive beach. You had that feeling as if you were in a small isolated paradise because it was situated between two cliffs decorated  by trees with their branches of a tempting green. In addition, the day I visited it we had a healthy confrontation with the huge waves, even though we were quite tired we had fun.

Finally, I would like to say that besides my mother’s stolen phone with all the photos and important information after it … it was a good trip. Palma de Mallorca is a beautiful island in terms of beaches, scenic landscapes, the old style of cities and so on. These are just great experiences that will never be forgotten.


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