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Thursday, April 18, 2024


Is there any better advice than your mama’s? Who will always have our back? Who else could ever wish us all the best in the world? Who will live for us like no one is ever going to? Oh, yeah! It’s her, mama.

As a teenager, I’ve already been through a lot of encouragement, life lessons, arguments, disagreement, laughts and I could easily say anything else that comes in mother-daughter relationship. I cannot contest that she’s right in about 99% of the cases, it’s simply a fact and a fascinating one. Oh well, it’s understandable, no one knows me better than she does.

The reason I wrote this article is because throughout the years I’ve seen how other girls behave with their moms. Young girls which from my point of view, don’t necessarily make the best choices. Of course, every relationship is unique. But I’ve noticed that unfortunately, many „fights” are born from lack of trust.

Sometimes, I’d hear my friends telling me that they don’t want to reveal certain things to their moms because they wouldn’t approve. These girls open up to their friends when probably the right thing to do would have been to have a conversation with your mother in the first place. After all, who would advise us so it’s in our best interest? Let’s not forget that there’s the chance that all what was said could turn againts us, while the loyalty that a mother carries for us is unconditional, she would never jeopardise us.

Why would a mother tell us off? Well, we more than likely deserve it.  You know, we all do mistakes, but the worst thing is to move on without learning from them. Yes, some words could be disheartening, but just because our mom always tells us the truth. This is life, the worst would be to don’t have that person who’s looking out for you.

Honestly, me and my mom have gone trough a lot of arguments, but our bond could never be stronger.  We discuss and try to find a solution. Long story short, it’s best to throw out all the negativism and make room for positivity and hope, tomorrow is a new day, so we ought to make the best out of it.

Girls, whether you find yourselves in a difficult place or at your brightest time, spend time with your moms, because there will come the moment when you’ll only be able to say: ”Mama said… „. And I believe we’d like to remember some of the most beautiful and meaningfull moments we’ve ever lived.


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