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Wednesday, June 19, 2024


7 July 2018, it was a nice day and I went to the celebration of the Santana city. The organizers did a really good job with the preparations of this event. Everything was so fun.

My little brother, who’s only 7 years old, has a true talent when it comes about games. I was very impressed when he shot all the targets and won a lot of prizes. Besides that, we went with all the carousels and the mini cars, so we had fun.

In this event was also included the contest Miss Santana 2018 organized by Adela Czebely. All the ladies were beautiful, but only one girl won, Alexia Pluscaru.

More artists and dance crews got up on the stage and surprised us. The Angels team from Santana was there and had a special dance number. They approach several dance styles and their techniques are well-designed.

Furthermore, I had the opportunity to see some of Romania’s well-known artists, the beautiful Mira and the well-known band The Motans. They sang very well and made a real show. I made a photo with Denis Roabes, the band’s soloist The Motans.

Unfortunately, I went a little too late to this show and couldn’t see all of it, but it was fun.

In conclusion, it was a good show and I can’t wait to see what the Santana city will prepare next year.

Congratulations to all organizers and participants! ?




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