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Wednesday, June 19, 2024


Adolescense, the biological, psychological and social transition from puberty to maturity. It is said that adolescence is the most charming and fascinating period in a man’s life. And, quite rightly, it is. Obviously, every period has something delightful in it but, adolescence has something special that unfortunately passes too fast.

Adolescence is the age of great confusion. The teenager happens to be in a struggling search, looking for awareness, confidence and truthfulness. Still feeling that childhood scent, often looking for parents’ support and trying to find his own identity, the inner pressure of becoming an adult grows.

It’s the time when feeling that anything is possible and there is no limit of our actions. Besides all this, our feelings definetely affect our judgment. We love with passion and hate equally. Sometimes life seems easy and interesting or, the contrary, cruel and discouraging. We feel free or restrained. It might sound strange but, from my teen perspective, this perioud filled by uncertain thoughts is a conclusive and influential stage regarding our goals and purpose. Our future will mostly depend on how we deal with adolescence.   

The teenager becomes more concerned about the aspect and position occupied in the environment he’s part of. Many times, the relationships with parents become troubled because the need of controlling the teen spirit turns out into disagreeing with teenagers’ needs for more freedom. To avoid an endless confilct between parents and their teen kids, is necesarry for the adults to first understand their children, trust them and respect their private space.

Friends play an extremely important role during this stage. There is no greater need for the teenager than having friends.

Generally, teenagers are looking for someone to accept them as they are. If they are not accepted in the group they have chosen, they suffer and choose another group or isolate themselves by saying: “I no longer trust anyone.” What brings them together? Certain interests like fashion, video games, movies, sports, walks or other activities. They need to have something in common and provide each other with trust and confidence.

When we talk about this period, we can’t miss an important aspect: love. Teen love is extremely passionate and unpredictable. It’s like a source of life. The world gets the color of her colleague’s eye and the heart only beats when someone names her. Everything makes sense now.

No matter how much love exists in a relationship or how attractive the conditions are, a teenage relationship rarely turns into something else. This love teaches you so much that it prepares you for what will follow or scares you so bad that it makes you unable to love someone unconditionally anymore.

Being a teenager is not easy, but nothing can replace the magic of these years, the way you perceive things or the questions whose answer you can find the next morning or that you may never find.


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