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Wednesday, June 19, 2024


What does self-confidence mean? There’s such a thin layer between prooving ourselves through actual facts and by simply looking down on others just because we think we’re more worthy. We don’t step on someone else’s self-esteem because we wish to assert ourselves. And I’d like to add that our ego does not replace our modesty in the interest of fame.

If we plan on showing our potential and even suceed, modesty must always be present in everything we accomplish. Self-confidence, in addition to overcoming our fears, means respecting ourselves as people and proving that we deserve to be respected in return.

I wrote this article because I noticed cases when these confidence and self-esteem transition into something different. „I’m the best. No one can defeat me.” Some children are being raised to be confident and trust their values. This is not a bad thing but, in the same time, the sides of modesty and mutual respect must also be educated.

Education has many branches and aspects, depending on how we perceive it. Each person may interpret it differently.

Never ever a man who comes in front of others to say „ I deserve it all `cause I trust and see myself as the best” will not win the hearts of people, even if he is indeed the best.

Coming from me, the recipe for success is to feel and prove that you deserve this prestige and let others praise you. In Romania there is a saying: „ Self-praise doesn’t smell good.”

It seems that although self-confidence and modesty are two totally different features, one without the other does not give absolute value to a person. We need to carefully chose our moments and show once and for all common sense, wisdom, character and last but not least, the respect we deserve.


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