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Saturday, May 18, 2024


I had the great pleasure of being invited to one of Romania’s most famous fashion festivals, Info Fashion Festival. This one is organized every year by Marius and Camelia Seceleanu, some special and open-minded people, who guide with professionalism and enthusiasm the Romanians who want or have the potential to profess in the field of fashion. And not only that, this festival organizes a beauty pageant, where are chosen the ambassadors from Romania to compete in international contests, such as: Miss Supranational, Miss International, The Miss Globe, Miss Intercontinental, Top Model of the World and many more. For almost 20 years, there have been many girls who have won important titles at the world competitions, managing to make known the beauties of Romania and also to be consecrated as international models.

Over the course of several days, the girls participate in a series of photo shoots with creations of different fashion designers. On the last day there is a real fashion show, culminating in the end with the coveted international prizes. Thus, the girls chosen by a select jury will represent Romania along with dozens of other countries around the globe. They must proof that they’re serious and professional, they must be charismatic and their feminine charm and elegance with whom they approach each question should show their beauty and intelligence. For all these ambassadors of Romania, it’s a real honor and privilege to represent their country and all of these are possible thanks to Marius and Camelia Seceleanu, who are regarded by girls as true parents.

I noticed that not much is known in Romania about this festival and it’s a great pity, because the girls, once they have arrived in these international competitions, need all the support of the compatriots, to vote for them on certain pages or simply to support them.

This year I participated for the first time at the Info Fashion Festival and I really liked it. All the activities were delightful, but what I loved was the interview. I love answering questions and having a conversation with experts in the world of modeling and beauty pageant. Also, what impressed me most, were the girls (my colleagues) who showed professionalism and maturity, were very polite and friendly, I spent every day with them dearly. The organizers were well prepared, ready to help you with whatever was needed. And the location, what more to say, quite splendid, in the middle of nature. The photo sessions were held in Bușteni resort, Prahova county, and the final presentations and beauty contest took place in Predeal resort, Brașov county. All these trips were provided by the organizers.

Now, I think you’re wondering how I got there, well, participating in Info Fashion Festival is based on registration and pre-selection or invitation. For example, I was invited after I won Miss Arad 2019 and I thank them wholeheartedly for the invitation. There, each girl can develop her model or miss skills: catwalk, scenic choreography, body suit, emotion management, attitude, mimicry, public speaking and responding promptly and logically to questions. All these are very important and a real help, especially at the beginning of the road. And I’m very glad that I had the opportunity to meet these very dedicated people, Marius and Camelia Seceleanu and also their entire team made up of professional photographers, designers and other important people involved in this festival.

In order to participate in international beauty pageants, girls must be 18 years old. This year I was 16 years old and yet I won an internal title, as I like to say, Best Photogenic. Who knows maybe after I turn 18, I will participate in an international competition, it would certainly be a real honor.

After the end of the festival, me and my family visited these splendid areas and with an overwhelming beauty: Prahova, Dâmbovița, Brașov, I climbed the Bucegi mountains to the famous Babele and Sphinx and other tourist attractions, which in my opinion are worth visiting at least once in life by all Romanians.

In conclusion, I thank the organizers of the Info Fashion Festival for the invitation and great success in all the projects! 😉


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