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Saturday, July 13, 2024


There’s a moment when you have to choose, if you want to stay true or fake. Morality reflects humanity, even if sometimes it’s not the most attractive choice, by showing honesty and common sense towards others, in time people will see in us a real and trustworthy person.

However, there are people who want to please you only for their own selfish reasons. If they get the chance of taking advantage of you, they will act as if the best friends you could have ever wished for. The reality is that when they acknowledge the fact that there’s no way of doing so, they’ll move to the next person in order to fullfil their plans succesfully.

It’s understandable, sometimes even necessary, but in the end is really sad. We are willing to got to such lenghts only to gain fame, money, material things and so on. We should know that when we reach the moment we try to do what people ask of us, regardless of what it is, or treat people as if they mean nothing, we don’t have an identity anymore.

When someone has such sudden changes in behaviour, it’s clear there’s no character, that person is without essence. No moral values, only opportunities or, better said, scams. It’s not about an insignifiant moment done only to be. It’s about when we’ve worn that mask for so much time, that in the end we lost ourselves. It’s truly worth it?


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