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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
Beauty&Fashion FASHION


I’m not a very sophisticated style person, I just want to be as comfortable as possible, so that the outfit that I’m wearing would inspire me confidence. I think that the way a person is dressed represents her. I’m the kind of girl who likes to feel comfortable in her own skin.

From my point of view, a simple and comfy hoodie, some jeans of any color and sneakers make up the perfect everyday clothing for me. Now that I think about this, my style can be associated with the one of Zendaya’s character she played in K.C Undercover. Don’t think a 15 year old girl can’t watch something on Disney Channel, haha! I also love small backpacks with both colored and simple models.

My everyday clothing is very simple. I recommend this type of outfit to all teenagers who have no idea about how they should dress up in a regular school day.

I don’t claim that I’m a fashion designer because I’m not. I’m just a teenager who likes to act like one, just like any girl. I like mixing colors and see what’s coming out. Red is my favorite color because it really makes you stand out in any environment. If I’d choose any color to a clothing it’d be red. Blue is a calm color that gives the impression of a quiet and royal spirit. Pink is the color that expresses the feminine empowerment, as Barbie said, “It’s never too much pink!”. Yellow can cheer you up, but it should be used in proper quantities. Green is the color of peace and naturalness. Orange is very strong and must be used in minimal quantities. Violet is an artistic and sensual color. Brown is most predestined to men. White and black are non-colors that fit everything. So we have a whole range of colors from which you can create a gorgeous clothing.


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