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Saturday, May 18, 2024


I had the special honor of beeing the image of the modeling course organized by the Modeling Agency Angels Events and the Association of Angels Organization, held on 22.11.2019 – 17.01.2020 at Atrium Mall Arad under the guidance of Adela Czebely teacher.

The project is educational, there was no preliminary selection, all children and young people were welcome.

In addition to my participation as a second guide there were another two pretty ladies, Emanuela Roz and Alexia Ploscaru who also helped. Together we told them about our experiences we had on photo shootings and fashion shows. Being a model requires certain qualities such as seriousness, professionalism, a willingness to learn and the ability to adapt to situations under pressure or to a busy life model. It matters a lot how you interact with people in this industry, the way you present yourself, from clothing to expressions of the face. For example, a model goes to a casting for a fashion show, a commercial or for a photo shoot, she wants to stand out. How you do this, first you must pay attention to your body language, then attitude, makeup (something simple to enhance your natural beauty), a proper hairstyle, a decent but edgy outfit at the same time (depends on the casting) … because the first impression matters all the time. Sometimes, even if you accomplish all these requirements, they may not chose you and not because you did something wrong, but only because you are not what they are looking for. The modeling industry is divided into multiple categories and is endowed with great diversity. There is no single pattern, which is why you have to accept certain situations and move on, it is called tolerance. Maybe you will succeed next time, don’t be worry!

Everyone should have a healthy lifestyle, but the models in particular have a healty diet, they maintain their bodies weight and have an active life style. Sometimes I hear comments and criticisms about the models, like they are starving themselves to be as skinny as possible. Unfortunately, there are cases of anorexia. However, most of them are not doing that, sometimes they can spend more than 12 hours in a studio or in a fashion show, they are consuming much of their energy and they need to eat. That’s why they have a special diet to keep them fit and give them the energy they need. They don’t eat anything for a reason, healthy nutrition is beneficial for the body.

The students paid a lot of attention to all the stories and facts we shared with them.

During the course, several experts from different fields took part in the development of the students regarding the knowledge about skin care, the right way to make your daily makeup routine and hair styling, notions of beauty offered by professionals.

At the “Learn from the best” beauty seminar organized on 10.01.2019 together with HNI COSMETICS, three wonderful women honored us with their presence. Rita Paraschiv, a graduate of the SER Italia beauty school, taught us why skin imperfections can occur and how they can be treated. A well-groomed skin not only looks better, but it is essential for our health. Diana Redei is a make-up artist and she showed us how we should make a beautiful makeup, and what kind of products do we need for preparing our skin before applying makeup. A delicate and a more natural makeup gives us more confidence during the day. Adriana Nini is a hairstylist, she continued with a simple hairstyle, suitable both for a casual style and a more special occasion.

The last activity of this course was a fashion show at the Atrium Mall Arad. The students wore clothes from brands such as Effect, C&A, Mizar, Vlady’s și Waikiki. After many hours of theoretical and practical training (photo shoots, fashion presentations, beauty seminar, health and aesthetic education, age-specific skin and hair care concepts, introduction to modeling and photomodeling, non-communication) graduates received a selection of professionally edited photos and a diploma attesting to the graduation of this course.

I was very happy when Mrs. Adela Czebely asked me to be the image of the course, which I gladly accepted. You can imagine the gratitude I bring to her, a successful woman, and everything she has offered me through her accomplishments. I congratulate her on being able to adapt to any situation, because she always has the smile on her lips and because she always keeps things moving.



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