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Saturday, May 18, 2024


Are you looking for a friendly, fun and colourful bicycle ride around the city? Well… Skirtbike is the suitable event to fulfill your wish. Every year, most of the cities in Romania are hosting the ideal event for all the women and young ladies who are willing to spend a day enjoying the summer beauty on their beautifully decorated bicycle.

On 23th June, hundreds of girls gathered in front of Arad’s City Hall along with their bicycles, ready for an unique promenade. Later, the sound of bells conquered the streets. The people from the sidewalk have specially paid attention to the playful combination of flowers and fashion styles. At the end of the parade, the wilful girls had the opportunity to participate in the contests organised by Skirtbike. There were so many raffles and of course, we couldn’t miss the offered titles for Miss Skirtbike, Miss Matching and Miss Summer.

This year I was so excited to prepare my outfit and bicycle. However, I chose to think outside the box and do something diverse. I love rock music and decided to go for the rock concept. I desired an original, outstanding, daring and impressive look. The arrangements for this style weren’t simple, but I actually had fun planning and decorating my bicycle with those symbolic rock accessories. Surprisingly, people were very impressed by my costume, so even the jury appreciated the boldness and originality of the appearance.  

I felt so happy and honored to receive the title of Miss Skirtbike Arad 2019. Thank you to the jury! Skirtbike promotes the healthy lifestyle and brings a joyful and refreshing vibe in Arad. I strongly hope that more women and young ladies will proudly participate in this emblematic event!


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