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Thursday, April 18, 2024
Beauty&Fashion MAKE-UP


What is a woman? Woman is what we call a symbol of beauty. More than that, the women are masterpieces. Even though they are taken as some beautiful creatures, women have always been occupied by esthetic and finding ways to maintain their beauty.

We all see how cosmetic products are indispensable. But beauty isn’t determined just by these. Beauty it’s not completed just by your physic aspect, but in the first place by your spirit. Your behavior it’s a key to people’s admiration and respect.

The inner beauty has an essential aspect in your life, but the first impression you have from a person doesn’t come from that. Let’s be realistic for a second, when you meet a person for the first time, the first impression is really important. Your beauty as a person can’t be discovered just by look. This is why we use make-up.

Make-up makes the difference, it doesn’t matter how little you are wearing. As Calvin Klein said:,, The best thing is to look natural, but it takes make-up to look natural.”

Usually, girls are wearing make-up that is a little too much, this is why we must keep in mind the moment and place we are going to. Of course, make-up makes us feel more stunning and confident, but this doesn’t mean we should be afraid of exposing our naturalness. To be natural today is really admirable, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of yourself. It’s normal to dye your hair if you want to, go to a salon, use make-up and cosmetic products and do things that inspire your beauty and confidence. It does not matter if you hang out with friends, go to work, go to school or even home.

I recognize the fact that I love wearing make-up, but I’m happy with myself. The sophisticated make-up is used only for special occasions, shows or photoshootings, besides that my make-up routine is very simple.

However, the reason we use makeup is to highlight the facets we already have. Choosing and proper use of professional cosmetics will give us a high quality remarkable look and we know for sure that the products are tested dermatologically, so we will not have any surprises.

In final, I just want to say that the make-up products make us feel confident and beautiful, but everyone has his own kind of shine and just by accepting as we are, we’ll be happier with ourselves.


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