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Wednesday, November 29, 2023


It seems you’ll never really know what the future holds for you. Today you started enjoying a bicycle parade and by the next day you’ve already been selected for a beauty pageant. This story has brought me here, talking about my experience and how I won Miss Arad 2019. If you’re wondering what Arad is, well… it is a beautiful city from Romania, it’s the county where I was born.

First of all, I should tell you how I ended up participating in one of the most fascinating and controversial events from this city. You know how girls are, they like showing off their states in style. And what better occasion than Skirt Bike, all the young girls and women can participate in a parade specially dedicated for cherishing feminity and promoting diversity.

In 2018, I attended for the first time Skirt Bike. After we spent our day cycling through the city, the organizers set up a juried contest where various prizes could be won. Adela Czebely, the beautiful and charismatic woman who is responsible every year for Miss Arad, was in the jury. She was impressed by my appearance and decided that I deserve to be in the final of Miss Arad 2019. You can imagine what a surprising and exciting moment I have lived. This is how it all started.

I had an entire year available to prepare myself for the requirements imposed by a specific beauty pageant. I always liked sports and I could even say, to develop my general culture, a healthy mind in a healthy body. I felt prepared for any challenge I had to face in this competition.

In my opinion, a true Miss encompasses a variety of qualities such as beauty, culture, kindness and feminine grace. However, I think the most important quality that a future Miss should attribute is self-esteem. As long as you respect yourself for who you are, being aware of both your qualities and flaws, you have the power to model yourself according to your own standards. I assume that as long as we trust ourselves, I’m sure we can overcome any obstacle to reach our goal. A beneficial purpose that is likely to motivate and positively influence the people around us.

The grand finale included a swimsuit wear and the evening gown presentation, the show ended with the Final Question Round. Each contestant selects a question at random and demonstrates how they handle pressure while giving a well-informed and thoughtful response.

My question was: ,,What do you think is more important, beauty or intelligence.’’

I responded:,,In my opinion, both beauty and intelligence are very important. Our eyes tend to notice the outer beauty first. Even if the inner cannot be seen with one glance, it’s truly magical. And in the same time, the outer beauty has no value without the inner beauty.’’

I have accomplished a goal, to demonstrate my outer and inner beauty.

This beauty pageant meant so much more than having a pretty face. I gained experience on how to work with professional people from this domain and what sort of effort is included in such a show. My confidence and grace spoke up for me that evening and I’ve shown my values in terms of culture and ambition. I smiled and let myself be carried away by the applause.

First of all, I thank my family, I wouldn’t have become the person I am today without their attention and advice, and I share all my love and respect towards them. Thank you to all of my supporters for always encouraging me. I don’t have enough words to express my happiness to all the persons who congratulated me. And last but not least, thank you, Adela Czebely. If she hadn’t discovered me, perhaps I would have never involved myself in this contest. That’s why I embolden all girls who are hoping to pursue a modelling career, to participate in such contests and learn how to go beyond their limits to live unique experiences along professionals. And even if they won’t win the first time, give it another try and don’t let themselves down. Reach out your goal and use your voice to positively empower other women and girls. For as long as we have life, health and optimism, nothing can stop us.


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