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Saturday, May 18, 2024


This Christmas, me and the Miss Arad organisation visited the Oituz Placement Center to wish Happy Holidays and give presents to the children. I was so excited about this first action in collaboration with DGASPC Arad. There, foster parents strive to provide a home that is as comfortable, warm and safe as possible for children. They fully assume the role of parents that these children, less fortunate than us, have not had with them throughout their childhood. They try to educate them in a proper manner. They shape them with the compassion they have in their soul towards children, they want to accept them just the way they are and want the kids to become people with perspective. They explain them the difference between good and bad and comfort them during hard times, just as a parent should.

From my first visit at the center, I noticed how nice and polite everyone is. After they got used to me and Adela Czebely, the organizer of the Miss Arad contest, they talked openly with us. When you see the children, this feeling of hope fills you in and this is due to those who take care of them. DGASPC Arad provides more than decent living for children, not only offers them material supplies (a house, clothes, food, toys, etc.), but essential things in a child’s emotional and psychological growth and development. Have you ever wondered what would happen to a man without love, understanding or protection? The coordinator of the center, Mrs. Florentina Popa, shared with me something about the experiences that the children went through, just let me tell you that you are amazed by certain situations. However, what impressed me the most was when Forentina said to me, “There is not a day when they don’t tell me that they love me.” These words show the support offered by someone who cares about them.

Mrs. Florentina Popa explained to me that most of the volunteering activities take place on holidays. It would be nice if they took place all year long because children need help all the time. It’s worth spending a little of our time making a child smile, which is why I encourage volunteering. DGASPC Arad is an organization open to new collaborations, always trying to improve the lives of children in these centers as much as possible. Me and the Miss Arad organisation are more than happy to help all the kids involved in this project.

Thank you DGASPC Arad for welcoming us with open arms and I can’t wait for the next activities that will take place with the children from the Arad Placement Centers.


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