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Wednesday, February 28, 2024


I had a very stressing first semester of highschool. Not just because of the studying but also because of the school activities and the rehearseals for Freshman Homecoming, they have occupied a considerable part of my time. Although at the beginning I didn’t want to be a part of this event, but only to be devoted to my studies, at the encouragement of my family, friends and teacher Pamfiloiu Angelica, I decided to participate. That was a new challenge, I made new friends during those moments and earned experience in what defines the preparation for such an event.

For three months a participated daily with pleasure and interest at the rehearsals. Being a member of a dance team in the past I was aware of how complex the process of learning correctly a choreography is and how much attention I had to pay. I feel fortunate to have had the chance to learn alongside a choreographer as talented and skilled as Bogdan Semeniuc, who turned every dance step into a pleasure.

Month of December, implied to be the month of gifts, gave me the most beautiful surprise. My work, my stress and my efforts have finally been rewarded.  After a performance in which I did everything I could at the Freshman Homecoming, organized by the National Highschool of Informatics Arad, I won Miss Freshman 2018. I am very happy and I want to thank once again my family, friends, teachers and Mrs. Paşcălău Maria, who made possible the organization of this event and to all those who were close to me and unconditionally supported me! Thank you so much!

Thank you even to those who were against me, you have made me stronger and wiser! I will never give up on what I officially owe! “Winners do not give up, and those who give up do not win.” The jury has decided! The Ball of Balls is waiting for me! I am ready for the grand final and for a new challenge in which I will gain more confidence in myself. This experience has not demoralized me, on the contrary, it made me stronger and more aware of what I want! I have learned a lesson for life: “A hypocritical man has two faces and no cheeks. ” (Nicolae Iorga).


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