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Thursday, April 18, 2024


I think we are all wondering the same things. From where? How? What is the cause of this? Or… the supreme question, whose fault is for this coronavirus? We, the people, have always been looking for a culprit, just to have someone to put the blame on, it’s the feeling that feeds us and helps us move on.

But, I dare to ask, aren’t we all responsible for what is happening? It’s good to know that every few years a virus appears on this planet that causes chaos and endangers human lives. And yet, we should know that this wonderful planet that we live on is alive and has its own defense mechanism. Our planet is our home which we should respect and protect, but for many times this did not happen. It is drowned in pollution, we have cut down its forests, we have killed the creatures that maintained the food chain. We have brought it into a “modernized” state with unfavorable technologies and damaging radio waves, inclusive for the human body.

Indeed, we need all these things that have made our lives easier, but we have abused, taken and done more than it was necessary. The worst thing is that we lost our humanity, we were too busy to see what was happening and too concerned about ourselves. The truth is that this virus has reduced us to silence and has given us time to think, to reflect on our lives. He brought many of us closer to our families. He made us more compassionate and united all the people of the planet in one thought.

It is incredible that humanity has actually stopped in place, the airports are empty, the streets of the big cities where they were once full of people are now deserted, parks, schools and kindergartens seem abandoned. It’s quiet…

Thinking about the previous year is like thinking of other times and we’re all looking forward to a sign of improvement in this situation. We check daily the number of victims and we ask ourselves the same question, when it’s all going to be back to normal?

I hope things will get better as soon as possible. But what normality should we want? Do we want things to be the way they were before or do we want to take more care of our planet?


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