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Saturday, July 13, 2024


I always try to improve my abilities, both physically and mentally. Nobody can prevent you from doing so, unless you don’t wish the achievement of the proposed point. For me there is no final level, only improvement and passion. In addition, I’m just so busy anticipating things that are good for me, that I’m not even trying to criticize anyone than myself if I want to be a better person.

Indeed, maybe sometimes it seems like I try to be a perfectionist, but that’s just because my goal is greater than fears and useless excuses. I also don’t want to claim that I’m in the position of a totally mature person. But I was told that people with a real success follow their passion, not their obligations.

With time, I learned that there are questions that request to be asked. Every day, we, the humans, should wonder if what we’re doing today brings us closer to what we want to become tomorrow.

Sometimes reaching the goal doesn’t come from the comfort zone, which is exhausting. But no matter what, if you’re tired, take a break, DON’T GIVE UP. It is good to rest, to feel the energy, to recreate yourself. From my point of view, most of the people just exist and the others truly live. I would not want to be part of the upper group, neither today or tomorrow.

It’s okay to make mistakes. It’s always better an oops than a “What would have been if… ?” People are made to learn both from their own mistakes and others. We will not feel good when we see the results of failure or when we’ll have to take full responsibility. But at least… we  tried, even if it didn’t go out as we expected. My parents are still telling me that you have two options,  either you go and do a thing as it has to be or you don’t do it at all.

The thing that damages us the most is the fear that we can’t rise to our expectations. Once again, I don’t claim to be a human being who has encountered the hardships of life, but at least I know what kind of person I want to become. Someone who isn’t interested in what people say. And when he is told that he’s not good enough, he will go to that individual and tell him “Life is difficult for the blind.”

I’m not the one that can make everyone happy, but at least I’m the one that can make herself happy. However, I’ve always appreciated the proposals or criticisms that have been communicated to me from people with respect for those around them, without them I wouldn’t be who I am today.

The purpose of this article was to express an opinion on the aspects that concern me. The only thing I’d like to add is that, to be a better person, you have to think, and after that say your opinion. Thinking is difficult that’s why most of the people are judging.





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